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Boston College Loans For Employees

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Companies Helping Employees Pay Down Their Student Loans

Some companies are helping employees by giving them money to put toward their student loans. WBZ-TV's Chris McKinnon reports.

DOE Reneges on Student Loan Forgiveness, Screws Students, Workers

In a troubling development for the countless people saddled with student debt, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) may be reneging on a promise made to ...

Boston College Loans For Employees


Student Loan Code of Conduct for Employees - Financial ...

Prohibits employees or agents of a lender from identifying themselves, either directly or by implication, as an employee of Boston College to students, parents or any persons seeking information from Boston College. Bases the selection of lenders for a preferred lender list solely on the best interests of the students and parents.

Loan Repayment - Office of Student Services - Boston College

Private education loans include all Alternative Loans, as well as certain loans issued by Boston College directly. Individual lenders are implementing their own procedures to comply with this new regulation, so you should contact your lender directly if you have specific questions about the process for submitting this form.

Employers Chop Down College Loans | Squared Away Blog

But college loans are different: they get help. The city government pays down $50 a month on each of their loan balances – as it does for some 600 employees. In May, Memphis joined Fortune 500 companies in the vanguard of employers offering this benefit.

IRS ruling allows 401(k) student loan benefits - MarketWatch

A recent study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that, while student debt does not discourage 401(k) participation, college graduates with student debt accumulate 50% ...

Student Loan Refinancing | Gradifi

Ease the stress of saving for college with a CSU Plan Help your employees pay down their student loans with an SLP Plan 1 Estimated savings are based on refinancing a $50,000 student loan with an 6.8% APR and 10-year repayment term to a new loan with a 3.55% APR and 10-year repayment term.